It’s Getting Hot…Yet I’m Still Rocking a Turban


I know…I’m breaking all kind of hairstyle rules right now BUT what is a woman to do when she just doesn’t have time for hair maintenance! I know this probably sounds funny coming from me (considering I’m the creator of the Naptural Hair Love brand), but I’m not perfect. I go through some of the same struggles that other naturals go through, I experience time pressure too, and I’m constantly looking for that perfect hair routine that is quick, cute, good for all seasons, and healthy for my hair.

…Haven’t quite stumbled across it yet though.

But yes, I hear you…I can’t continue to suffocate my hair with my turban-inspired head wraps.

Crying baby

However, it was perfect for the the fall/winter seasons. I was able to keep my hair clean, moisturized, protective styled, and left untouched under my silk scarf.  Throwing a turban over that was just too easy to resist! But now that it’s beginning to hit high 80’s/low 90’s, I’m starting to feel a little foolish. Plus, I want to enjoy my hair being out this spring/summer. So the question of the hour is what do I do? 

Here are my top 3 style ideas:

1. Twists/Braid Extensions (i.e. Marley Twists)

Lasts a few weeks; no daily maintenance
Protective style

Take a long time to achieve
They add extra weight to the hair; can potentially cause breakage if left in too long

2. Twists/Braids (No Extensions)

No daily maintenance (except a few tweaks here and there)
Protective style
Can be easily transitioned into an updo to change up the look

Hair length too short to achieve optimum styles

3. Twist-outs/Braid-outs

Quick and easy daily maintenance
Can be easily transitioned into an updo to change up the look

Twisting it back up every night (for me, the “pineapple method” = matted hair)
Constant manipulation

Other Style Ideas: 
Half Updo
Halo Braid
Top Knot
Finger Coils
Roller Set
Perm Rod Set
Curlformer Set

Got any other ideas? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Angie is the founder & Editor-n-Chief of, a natural hair site and brand encouraging naturals to embrace the hair that God gave them. Through creating a platform where other naturals can shine and also sharing her journey, she hopes to help unveil the unique beauty of natural coils. You can connect with her via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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