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4C Natural Hair

Simply put, 4C natural hair isn’t the hair type with the most luster, it doesn’t grow the fastest and is typically harder to moisturize.

This drove me crazy for months when my hair graduated from the TWA phase. Not to mention, sometimes when I’d worn my hair in its natural state, people would ask me, “are you going to wear your hair like that?” – as if implying that my natural hair wasn’t suitable to be worn in public. It had me wondering for a long time, “have I been cursed with bad hair or something?”…then I started trying to find ways to “fix” my hair to make it look more acceptable. I spent countless dollars on hair products that did absolutely nothing to change my hair…they left me highly disappointed and my pockets extremely thin.

My purpose for sharing this is because I know I’m not the only one. In fact, I’m sure a lot of you landed on this site because you’ve wondered the same thing and are also looking for ways to “fix” your natural hair problem. Well the quick answer to your question is no, you do not have bad hair and it is imperative that you change your mindset before you continue your natural hair journey and I’ll explain why shortly. But first, let me define 4C hair for those that may not know.

What is 4C natural hair?

4C natural hair is the most coily and kinkiest texture of all 4 hair types. It commonly has a4C Natural Hair “Z” shaped curlpattern with a zig-zag formation. Because the strands are so tightly coiled, it can shrink substantially when wet and the curls rarely ever clump together, causing it to lack natural curl definition. 4C hair is typically characterized as being more challenging because it has the propensity to be low porosity, dry and tangled.  However, not all 4C hair is made equal, it can range from thin to thick and soft to coarse and wiry. If this sounds like you, then most likely you have 4C hair. The best way to test this out is to wash your hair and let it dry without any product and view the strands individually.

Note: The average person has a variety of curl patterns in their hair but if you mostly fall into this category, use it as a helpful starting tool or bases for your hair care. Not everyone’s hair is the same.

Get Out of the “Good Hair” Rat Race 

 You must learn to love the hair that God gave you. There is no hair tip, product, or style that will make you feel good about your hair until you learn to love what you were born with and have a realistic expectation about what it can do. Changing your mindset about your hair will save you days of frustration because you will never be satisfied trying to make your hair something it is not. The problem is that you have a skewed perspective about what “good hair” is – only a selection of hair types are represented as such in the mainstream media of natural hair. That means its up to you to expand the definition of “good hair”, include your own strands in it and be accepting of your hair. If you don’t, you will continue to fall victim the falsities many hair care companies are sprouting, claiming that all hair textures can do this or that as long as you buy “X” product.

4C Hair is Beautiful

If you take a step back for a minute and look at what your hair can do instead of what it can’t, then you’d see the beauty in it. There are advantages of 4C hair. Have you noticed its amazing volume or how well it holds a curl? How about its versatility or how easy it is to soften your hair when you’ve found a good hair care regimen? Quite frankly, only the positive is projected by mainstream media for other hair types. They don’t tell you the part about how many people with type 3 hair struggle with volume and maintaining hairstyles throughout the day. Every hair type is beautiful and every hair type has its struggles.

You’ve read the definition of 4C hair, so it’s clear to see how you may have some challenges when trying to achieve certain aesthetic preferences (cough, Wash-N-Go). However, most s4C Natural Hairtyles can be achieved with the proper technique and for those few that can’t, your hair is still very versatile and can accomplish many other appealing looks. It’s all about the mindset so choose to think positively about your 4C hair. If you’re already on the right track then great, just let this post be reinforcement of the importance of self love and how it really is the driver behind your hair success. I hope this post was helpful and I’d love to hear your feedback.

What are some of the reasons you love your natural hair? If your still working on finding that love, what are some of the challenges you face managing your natural hair? Leave a comment below. 

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